Sunday, 1 April 2018

Foolish Sunday

As it has been sunny, we have been outside. Äiti was stood out with us and turned round to see Seppo had also ventured out. She got a quick photo of him (unposed) before scooping him up and holding him in the sunshine for a short time, before he was taken back to the warmth of indoors. That nekkid has sisu.  But the poor sphynxies are  desperate to get outside and for the weather to warm up; even with sweaters it is far too chilly outdoors for them.
Summer asked how long the white stuff does last. A very good question. We think we'll have another month of it this year. Äiti has been outside chipping away at the ice on the shelves so we can sit out in sunpuddles more comfortably, but we still have to walk over some of the snow. The burmese dislike this a lot, but the moggies amongst us don't mind so much.


  1. Sisu is good to have, but nekkid kitties in the cold really need a nice wooly coat!

  2. Seppo, you're going to freeze your furry you know whats off, you're paws, I'm talking about your paws. ;)

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  4. Sisu indeed! I can't believe Seppo wanted out that badly - brr!

  5. Sisu or not, you're going to freeze your not furry butt, Seppo ! Purrs

  6. We are amazed that you go out in the white stuff - it's cold!!! You are very brave Seppo!


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