Friday 23 February 2024

Saturday Snaps

We are posting by command of a most Loyal Reader, ystävämme eläinlääkäri. It's about time Äiti got off her butt and obeyed us as well! All is well here, with a few frustrations. For instance, Papu is pretty desperate to be outside killing mousies.

He realises that actually looking cute is a good interim activity.


Otso is working out how to wreck Äiti's jigsaw hobby.

And Sampo is owning the peacock feather with his murder mitts. 

And Kalle is enjoying night time snuggles. He is continuing to have eye problems and next week he will have some surgery to correct his eyelids which are rolling under. He will be far more comfortable when this is done - poor lad was probably born with this problem and it is only now that it is diagnosed because it has taken a long time to calm down with ointment since he arrived with us.  So paws crossed for his beady eyes!

Sunday 11 February 2024

Felocracy Update

We thank you kindly for all the wishes. We are good - Äiti has had a bit of a rough time with the Old Black Dog but seems to be pulling herself out into the world a little more. We're negotiating the blog's future and I have to report that claws up the nostril at 4 am is not a technique that seems to be encouraging her to blog in. Pffft.  I am pondering other tactics.

We have freezing temperature outside and Papu is unhappy as he is desperate to kill something but is not wanting to freeze his paw pads off. Otso, however, has more sisu, and indulges the desire of every suomalainen mies (Finnish man) to pee outside in the snow.

And we are delighted to present Kalle, with his eyes wide open.  He is still being treated for his poorly eyes and alllergies. 

Saturday 30 December 2023

A Full Felocracy

Jaava and Jura are as close as ever to each other. They make good mutual pillows.
And there has been peace and calm with all of us - for a few moments at least. The Highly Prized Full Felocracy Photo was taken the other evening. Now it does reveal just how messy and disordered the Castle is (and Äiti's belief that jeesusteippi is the best thing for solving all decoration problems after Otso and Papu did their worst on the folding door!). So here we have our evening meal.

Kalle is gradually braving the world a the bottom of the stairs, and eating more than the rest of us added together. And he is coming for scritches in the night - this makes us all happy.

We are going to take a bit of a blogcation - Äiti is having the seasonal disorganisation and Black Dog visits, and feels she is lacking the creativity and oomph that our blog deserves. We have tried to slap her into shape and cajole her into recognising her priorities, but maybe she needs a bit of hibernation. So, we shall be back as soon as we can. In the meantime, here's a jigsaw from Wednesday's artified picture, and also one of the Full Felocracy - although none of us is showing our best sides. Enjoy!



Wednesday 27 December 2023

Wednesday Wake Up

Well, Äiti may have tried to hibernate all through Christmas, but our loyal readers still though of us! We had the best parcel including these, described by a US pal as 'kitty crack'. They are not found in Finland(N), so we are massively grateful to our 'supplier' in Finland(S). Kiitos kovasti! Now open them up, Äiti...

We have all been feasting - very politely for once with the downstairs bunch all lining up.

Jaava is not so polite when she gets a treat. She got to chew on the lamb bone - note the placement of the paw with the ever-ready claw for anyone who dares approach.

And afterwards, there was much snoozing and snoring - Boxing Day can last for a long time here.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Slothful Saturday

Yesterday was the solstice here, so we had maximum hours of darkness. And that of course means we have more excuses (as if needed) to sleep - pretty much all day. The burmese of course snuggle up. Mesi has been braving downstairs - Otso and Papu can tease her a bit when they feel a bit bored. However they were, of course, asleep.  Jaava and Jura provided a good pillow for the teeny tortie.

And the other day, Kalle climbed up onto the bed for the first time to stretch out and snooze, while Äiti was in it.  She was so pleased.  
Kalle got a check from ystävämme eläinlääkäri who is delighted with his progress. His eyes are better than she expected - they still have an infection, probbaly fro old injuries (wethinks he may have been in fights when he was a fully endowed kollikissa.  He has been given a couple of shots for his scabby bits and bald patches - he has allergies. But he is very happy - and hungry. Äiti's current angst is keeping his appetite satisfied without giving his room mate -i.e. me - access to all his foods, as they do not last long when I am around!  Apparetlny 7 kg is enough weight for me to be carrying.....

And so now to your weekend entertainment - happy jigsawing!

Saturday 16 December 2023

Saturday Slacker

At least today's blog is on the right day, even though late. The girlcats have pinned Äiti down and she's doing her job. Just as well she is not so rubbish at feeding us!

Happy jigsawing with Kalle's cute fizzog.