Tuesday, 16 July 2019


So after my chin, I thought you might like a close up of my toes. And dragon-glass sharp claws. Unlike the rest of the Felocrats, I do not get clippy claws so I have great fun leaping on and off Äiti's shoulders drawing blood.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Monday Mooch

Further to yesterday's use of fur as a warm pillow - even in July - here I am using Jura for heat. In fact it was so cool yesterday, Äiti even put a sweater on me!
Incidentally, I do know I have a spotty chin. Äiti does clean it when I allow, but I like to show my youth with a bit of acne still!

Sunday Snooze

We've had no sunshine and the last week has been cool. Sharing of heat has been necessary: Jura is getting his cheek warmed on a tortie pillow while Mesi snores.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Saturday Art

We are pleased to report that karma has caught up with Äiti, after all the abandonment watching stinky birds. Not only did she lose a hubcap from the car somewhere on some rocky forest track, she clocked a speeding ticket for the first time ever (something of a miracle, this) and finally her phone met a watery grave - dropped into a toilet pan. Oh how we laughed.
All of these are surely messages for her to focus on what is important - us.  And the feline who giver her the hardest time over this hobby of bird watching and its removal of her from the Castle, is Roosa. She gets the opportunity to wake Äiti at all hours to make our displeasure known. Good job.
So, to try out the new phone camera, Roosa was the subject. Not a bad photo; Äiti would have got her finger bitten had she dared try to clean the eye gunk !
And as it is Saturday, she has been artified.
And here's a jigsaw for you.
preview110 pieceRoosa

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Thursday Disappointment

So Äiti picked some stuff from the garden - she really likes these flowers from something called chives. Seppo had a sniff - a very well supervised one I hasten to add in case anyone panics about toxicity. Seppo has foolishly hoped the kissanminttu crop was early this year - no such luck.