Saturday, 28 January 2023

Senior Sunday Snuggle

Jaav and Jura have responded to the temperature drop in the most sensible way possible - sleeping and snuggling. 

 And they provide you with this artified jigsaw for your relaxation. Enjoy.

Saturday, 21 January 2023

Snowy Saturday

The weather has been unseasinably warm - no chances of a golden glacier at the moment. And we have been wary of going outside as wet stuff has been falling from the sky. Otso and Papu are out daily, but not for long.
Jaava joined them - to taste the white stuff.
 Afterwards, Papu and Jaava compared notes in a very cozy snuggle.

 Click here for the jigsaw..... Sampo all artified!

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Whiskery Wednesday

Rarely, Sampo scuttles out of the sauna and glues himself to Äiti's lap. He is really sneaky when the camera appears, and is hard to catch in a good pose. This was the best of the latest bunch of fuzzy photos. He's biscuiting away, and buzzing up a storm.
But notice he has white whisers on the left cheek, and a half whitey on his right! And this stumplet does not seem to be growing much. 

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Saturday Swatting

We like to keep in practice when there's no real hunting outside. Äiti supplied us with this fake duck, made more appealing by marination in stinky valerian root. It was whiffy and The Mighty Hunters were distracted for the whole of a few minutes.

As you can see, Papu was particualrly diligent.
But honestly, does she think this will placate us ? Even so, Papu  made sure Jaava appreciated him greatly for his efforts. 

So, which of the three pictures above have been artified for your jigsawing delight ? Click here to find out. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Wearisome Wednesday

Yep, go to work. Yep, it is dark outside. But just let us sleep off our breakfast, then have a little nap, and we'll be waiting for you when you come home. Off you go!


Saturday, 7 January 2023

Saturday Illusions

It has been cold. Very cold. Too cold for Catio Patrol, so Äiti is keeping use amused with videos of the garden action. They are very popular - even if we cannot actually taste the snacks.

Now it appears that the picture of Otso on wednesday was quite phenomenal. Thanks to our Most Loyal Readers, Memories of Eric and Flynn, It seems Otso grew an extra left paw! He does indeed have great superpowers, or superprowlers. It was  a twist of his rear right paw that caused this illusion - or so Äiti thinks! 

Anyway, the magical image is artified here and jigsawified. Enjoy!