Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Wednesday Watch

What?  I enjoy sitting in the long grass and weeds (you have to admit it, you are not a gardener Äiti). Yes, I am hidden from view, and can peer at my prey...... I am the mighty hunter afterall.
At least you left me a pile of feathers to enjoy from my last attempt. How it managed to survive, I do not know, but it did seem to fly off okay when you 'rescued' it from my jaws. Pffft.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Saturday Sun Basking

We are all melting still, but in the early morning, sunning oneself in a hammock is definitely quite pleasant. Jaava is very good at making sure she gets evenly warmed up. 

We have artified this - of course - ready for jigsaw reassembly.


Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Wilting Wednesday

We have the heats here. Now, we know compraed to many Loyal Readers, the heats of Finland (N) are nothing big, but for us, they are something unusual, and a little bit exhausting. We have been melting. Äiti has been lazing in the hammock, and when it has not been too hot in the sun, so have we. Seppo did a good job of showing her his best side !

That little lump in Seppo's paw pit is a leftover from his surgery - it is just a scar which is healing up now nicely.

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Saturday Slouch

 It is Juhannus today, the midsummer festival when all of Finland shuts down and relaxes (with or without getting drunk, if they are human). Well, we will be relaxing extra hard today. Seppo is spilling out of a very snuggly bed, which Jaava is keeping warm - you can just see her fur behind Seppo. 

So we wish you a very relaxing Juhannus, one and all. And the picture above is the jigsaw today - happy puzzling!

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Pouty Papu

Get that camera away from me! See these claws ?  Ready to swipe at ya - just as they did at that ickle birdie which ventured onto the Catio. Not my fault it was stupid. Not my fault you are not happy, Äiti. But it is your fault that I am not happy.


Saturday, 18 June 2022

Snuggling again on Saturday

Our fine Finnish summer is proving to be cool and windy, so a lot of time has been spent snuggling. Well, we are expert at it. Jaava is happy to snuggle with any kitty. Well, we have not seen her with Otso but that is down to him being an independent sort. 
On Wednesday we posted the picture that is artified here. No, Jaava is not an antagonist to me - in fact she is a great matriarch and level headed leader - kind of like a President for us (we mean in the Finnish tradition, not perhaps something on the other side of the Atlantic).  No, the worry and flattened ears for me were simply that I had sat on this nice comfy beddy, not realising Jaava was inside it. And then she emerged. But after a snarky meow and a bit of stinkeye, she left me in peace. Mea culpa!
Happy jigsawing.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Wednesday Snuggles

Now that Äiti is off work for the long summer holidays (hurrah!), I get to spend more time in the rest of the Castle, as the others are somewhat better behaved towards me when she is close by. I have a sweater on for protection (yes, I know it should be kevlar, but that is not to my taste).   Äiti is pleased that I do not stick to her rigidly, but sneak off to snooze elsewhere. I love sleeping on top of a very snuggly pink beddy. However, I woke up to find that someone had been inside the same beddy, and she had just woken up. Ooopsie.
Well, Jaava moved out and Seppo moved in - mutual sharing of heat was most welcome - even if it is summer.