Thursday, 2 April 2020

Tired Thursday

Aila has been on shift supervising Äiti as she works from home. Wednesday is her busiest day so she deserves some sleepy time today.
Aila that is - not Äiti. We cannot allow her to slack off.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tortie Tuesday

Not to be outdone by Mesi, Jaava is now posing in the sunshine. She is due some dental work this week - she's not been flossing as much as she should have been.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Mesi Monday

She looks so peaceful and calm, lapping up the sun.
Recharging her batteries for her next unprompted pursuit of me round the Castle.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sunny Day

We thank you most kindly for the good wishes you sent us - especially Äiti and Jura. While away, the sunpuddles returned to the Catio and we have all been out. Seppo is looking very handsome from a nice warm kitty tree.
Aila and Pekka are braver, and attending the boundaries on mousewatch. There is still some snow and the temperatures are still freezing at night, but we have very early signs of spring.
The bird migration here is at least a month early. And yes, Äiti has been going out to watch the stinky birds. 
We are not in total lock down and isolation here - for which we are very grateful. Äiti is keeping even more of a distance from people and teaching from home (we help, of course). She has been able to visit Kissmollin to see the kittens too which has been excellent therapy for her. 
We hope all our Loyal Readers and their families are safe and well in these troubling corona times.  Paws are crossed for humanity.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Saturday Soft Focus

And here is the little poser, Papu. Eleven weeks old and growing fast. He's a very independent kitten and also very chilled. Äiti is head over heels with him, and is hoping he'll team up with me (and not Mesi!).

And here is the jigsaw of that gorgeous face. Äiti's words, not mine.
preview108piecePapu poser

Friday, 27 March 2020

And we're back !

To all our beloved, most patient Loyal Readers who have had nothing to read for far too long; we thank you for your messages and support. I am delighted to announce the Felocrats are back. I give you a most magnificent view of my wrinkles to celebrate - although I could not look Äiti in the eye as I am still a little bit fed up with her.
And we report that Jura is doing well and the other day he caught a mousie! He was growling away as Äiti removed it from him and this was a most excellent sign. He is on pain medication every couple of days and is eating well so we hope the nasty thing in his throat really does stay small.
And so in the time of our blogcation the world has changed a lot and now Äiti is working from home. Several of us have made appearances in online lessons and meetings, and we are very able coworkers for her. We realise many of you felines are in a similar position, with your humans around all the time. We hope you are coping with it and being compensated with extra treats and delights which you demand.
Now we trust Äiti is over her meltdown. She'd been pretty depressed but then got a real shock when the Property Manager of the housing association she is in issued a very aggressive 'get the house fixed' notice. Now anyone who lives with 9 or more kitties usually does not have a home which will win awards for tidiness, and as you know we have a tradition of wall decoration...... However, on further investigation the conditions which were identified originated from a repair made who basically didn't like felines and complained. He led the Property Manager to believe we were dangerous which is really rude as none of us even met him.  Well, if he turned up here again we might well be because he caused a lot of trouble and we don't like him.
So, Äiti got the place cleaned and that stressed us out as we were confined and then all our years of work and deocoration were gone !  What a travesty. But our opinion differs from Äiti's in this respect so we have to compromise: we pee and she cleans it up. Same as before.

We hope she now will have the energy to blog daily - it's about time really. And of course Papu will be arriving in 3 weeks or so: we have to make the most of being kitten free as long as possible.