Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Wednesday Celebrations

It's 57 years since Tessie joined Äiti's family. We guess Gotcha Days were not really a thing back then so she has a few to celebrations make up for.  Dandelions help.
We think she is an honorary feline, as her ability to sleep is superb. None of us manage to do so for a whole 8 months of every year.......
And I would like to personally apologise for Äiti's incompetence on Saturday, posting a bad linkie to the jigsaw. It is now fixed. And in revenge, I made Äiti clean up her act - literally ! I gave her forehead a wash while she was asleep. Oh the questions she got at work about her bonce ! Result.
And we could not allow a post to be published without a photo of one of us. Papu, the poser, posed. Of course he could not do it nicely.

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday Slouch

The end of the school year approaches, and Äiti has been taking some work home with her. Otos has decided to help. He thinks the highest grades should go to the most comfortable papers.

He tests everything from different angles - it is good to be thorough.

And because he has been such a wonderful assistant, he gets to be the subject of the artification for the jigsaw.
Click here to savour the bum bitey joy.  Edit - the idiot blog typist has hopefully fixed the linky. Pöh.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Wednesday Round Up

 Seppo is doing well, and is beginning to draw blood when Äiti gives him antibiotics. Hurrah. His stitches are healing up - it was a huge wound so will take time.  Jaava has been keeping him warm.

Otso is making sure Papu knows his place. This is all rough play, but it pleases us greatly.

Especially when it is like this !

Sampo got a real treat - he has been very well behaved recently. He loves his raw eggy.
And Mesi will not say no to some either. However she does say no to facing the camera.
I, however, posed beautifully. My claws are at the ready for when I declare enough is enough.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Saturday Service

I have been  dutiful, and have been looking after Seppo as he recovers. He is doing well, and taking his antibiotics like a good boy. He is sleeping in the bedroom with me, and hogging Äiti's attention. We have also both been out and about in the rest of the Castle when Äiti has been home.  
I am protected by my sweater. Yes, perhaps it should be made of kevlar, but - and this is totally true - Äiti got some kevlar yarn to crochet me some armour and I refuse to wear it. Well, it is not soft on my skin ! Perhaps if she lined it with merino wool, I might think again.
And the cause of all this trouble gets to feature in the jigsaw this week. I think he should have been artified with a little pair of devil horns......

 Clickety click!

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Wounded Wednesday

 Seppo is looking a little lopsided. He got bitten in his paw-pit. 

The culprit.......
And here is Seppo being brave after the abscess was removed. He has a smart blue bandage, and loads of stitches. The paw-pit is not a good place for a bitey.
We thank ystävämme eläinlääkäri and all her staff at Lemmikki - Seppo may screech and wail dramatically, but he is also very grateful. Except when he spies the antibiotics he has to take.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Saturday Sock Biting

 Äiti's socks always attract attention. Every kitty wants to sniff them, and now Otso sinks his teefs into them. Yup, he's a strong chap and that did hurt. He's a feirce tabster.

And here I am, defending Äiti. I do wash her hair - someone has to.
And when the mood takes me, I can best Otso. Just look at this ! Okay, I am on the safety of Äiti's lap, and I have my protective sweater on, so I feel brave. A few yowls and Otso's airplane ears were flatter than anyone thought possible. And yes, he moved away as I intimidated him so much. No biteys, not claws - just my stinkeye.

And as for stinkeye - apparently Seppo's are in fact sultry. And for that he gets artified and you can admire him in the jigsaw.

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Withering Wednesday

Nekkid ears are fascinating. This is the cleanside of Seppo's potato fields, revealing his fuzz and a few veins. He was having such a lovely time in a sunpuddle, until he heard the camera.
And then he turned his disapproving choppers, and stinkeye of condemnation to the lens. Most appropriate.