Saturday, 30 September 2023

Saturday Sparkles

For a few years Äiti has been using some of the former-felocrats cremains to adorn her scraggy neck. She has had them made into glass beads, and this week the latest bead arrived - Seppo's.  She now has seven - yes, we have had more who have Gone Before, but these are the ones she especially keeps close to her heart.

The beads are made by an amazingly talented, kind and helpful artist in the UK, Gail, who runs the PainintheGlass Etsy store. Totally recommended.

And in the meantime, back on the Catio, we are focused on enjoying life with a little packet of kissanminttu which Jaava is about to steal from Papu.

And here is the artified jigsaw. Enjoy.previewJaava and Papu

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Watchful Wednesday

It pays to keep an eye out - you never know when Papu is feeling like he can  poke a paw at his elders.


Saturday, 23 September 2023

Saturday Snorting

We have had a special delivery of kissanminttu and valerian. Our responses vary. Jaava savours the experience.

 Otso is very laid back.

Papu is wild.
And luckily I moved too fast for Äiti to get a camera when I was inhaling! Instead, enjoy the weekend jigsaw of me all artified.


Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Woolly Wednesday

 The fashion show continues; now I have an Icelandic design sweater. 

And when Äiti saw the photo, she made sure I had clean ears. She should, of course, have done that before taking the shot!

Saturday, 16 September 2023

Smart Saturday

And now I have yet another top to wear.  This one makes me look very fine, I think. Most fashionable, and warm. Lots of protection from sneaky claws too. Oh yes, I am quite enjoying these clothes.
And of looky who got the sunpuddle to lie in!  Papu and Jura had to show me respect.
Enjoy the jigsaw.previewVeikko

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Wednesday Fashion

I have a new sweater - very warm and cozy. Äiti is looking out for clothes for me which protect my shoulders and upper front paws, as these parts are vulnerable to biteys. So far, so good. When I have been with the other Felocrats there has been a lot of mutual stinkeye, but because Äiti is there supervising, the burmese boys have not dared actually launch any ninja leaps towards me. 
And I am very happy that I have Äiti to myself overnight. Not a bad deal.

Saturday, 9 September 2023

Saturday Suspense

Outside in the Catio, autumn is in the air. And that means flocks of birdies in the garden. Those intelligent enough not to come inside will survive, allowing the best genes to propogate for the next year.
Those who are not so clever will be a tasty snack. Papu is our most active hunter, and despite all the precautions* Äiti thinks she has taken, some birds will still meet their fate between his fangs.
* extra layer of smaller netting; reflective tape; wires on the top beams to prevent perching.......

And here's the jigsaw, showing some of the mighty hunters taking a break. Enjoy.

previewBurmese wheel