Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sunday Close Up

I thank you for your good wishes regarding my recent battle injury. It is healing well and I am enjoying the attention from Äiti - except when she takes weird photos like this one.  I am tolerating the antibiotic pills so far, and am waiting for the 'chesticle' lump to decrease in size. In the meantime, medicinal foods are essential.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Sore Saturday

I got to sleep in with Roosa the other night, as I needed 'peace and quiet'. Well, Roosa is not peaceful when other kitties are around, but luckily we stayed far enough away from each other so rest was possible - incluing for Äiti. 
Shame she had the camera out - I showed my feelings about that.
 However, there was a good reason for my isolation from the majority of the felocrats and you may have spotted a slight imbalance in my profile. Actually, it is a shocking great lump on my shoulder (which could very disrespectfully be termed a 'chesticle'). This huge thing is the result of a bitey from one of my so-called pals a couple of days before. I ended up having to visit ystävämme eläinlääkäri and being poked and jabbed, and now I also have tablets to take. Cats' honour code means I will not reveal who bit me but let's say the stinkeye between a few of us has been even more caustic than usual.
 And a few of them have seen this side of me.......

Friday, 15 March 2019

She-cat Friday

And today's post is devoted to out stubborn stumpy, Roosa. She's not keen on facing the camera- especially when food is around.
And here's a full aerial view.
Last week Äiti spent ages moving things between the front bedroom and the back one (Roosa's room). Unfortunately the front bedroom is now full of clutter covered in plastic sheets, which we felocrats want sorted as it is disturbing the feng shui of the Castle. Äiti is now sleeping most nights in the 'Stumpy Suite' as it has better light and ventilation, and a very demanding girlcat who wants Äiti's company at night. Roosa is excellent at spotting when Äiti is restless and demanding scritches.
 Äiti has little choice but to pay attention. Roosa purrs up a storm and is very happy.
 And here's a daylight shot. Roosa is doing really well, despite her lifetime habit of  out of the box deposits and dislike of all other felines. We do try to sneak in to the room, looking for food, but never dare go near her - we value our skin!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Thursday Metamorphosis Fail

We have several cat beds which we can crawl into for warmth and they hang fromcat trees like little cocoons.  Seppo's stinkeye indicates he's not ready to emerge butterfly-like yet. It is far too cold still outside.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Lewis' toes are impossbile to resist.
But you surely also want to see his handsome face too.