Friday, 22 February 2019

Friday Profile

That will be Mesi's profile, as she shines brightly in the February sunshine.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Thursday Sun Worship

In eralyFebruary, very faint sunpuddles begin to appear on the Catio. On Sunday they were finally strong enough for some of us to take advantage. 
This is the Catio still from another angle though taken the day before so there is still plenty of frozen stuff outside.
And it was not just the furry felocrats who were brave: Seppo was desperate for the sun and he had to come out to feel it, just for a short time. I stayed inside - it was still too chilly for me. However Äiti will put sweaters on us to go ut more when the sun is a little stronger.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Wednesday Workout

Yesterday Seppo showed what a wimp he was by failing to climb the ess. I had to show him how it was done; I have muscles! 
And now to whap that mousie underneath it. So much more fun than reaching up from the sofa.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Tuesday Torment

Seppo is attempting to gain possession of the wall ess.
He's working at his upper body strength.
 Yep, working really hard at it.
Oh dear, I think he doesn't want us watching!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday Manxie

Thanks to this manxie madam, we have been deprived of sleeping alongside Äiti each night. Roosa has grown accustomed to Äiti's snoring and whenever she wakes up,starts yelling for a chin scritch. However she was not happy to have photographic evidence of this captured.
Roosa is doing really well in her own suite. There are occassional break ins when some kitty sneaks through the barriers (Sampo mainly) and then hissing and spitting results, swiftly followed by grabbing by Äiti and an eviction. Personally I think Roosa is greedy to have Äiti every night and I do miss  under the blankie snuggles. However, I have been promised some when the school holiday comes and Äiti can afford to have her sleep disrupted by us.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sunday Ess

A while ago, one of our supermarkets was selling esses*. Äiti bought a few and we duly ignored them (unless sprinkled with kissanminttu). So she decided one could be attached to the wall. Please note just how bad her DIY skills are in the lack of verticality in the wall brackets.  There goes her entry in Finland's most beautiful home 2019.
Anyway, Mesi was the first to explore.
Seppo wanted to be second, but there was a little tortie problem with that.
However, I took up my place. It is a most excellent vantage point.
*we do not know the correct plural of ess, or even the correct name singular - but who cares ? It's not as if we are playing Scrabble.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Saturday Sphynxie

I have allowed my very handsome wrinkles to be manipulated- photographically only(although I do enjoy a good scritch). I think monochrome flatters my curves and fuzz.
But of course to really experience it, you have to do the jigsaw!

preview99 pieceVeikko's wrinkles