Monday, 3 August 2020

Monday Mancat

I have been out and about with the rest of the Felocrats (well, except new boy Otso who is pretty much sticking to my private quarters while he acclimatises). We had a great new  toy, and I hogged it.
Well, Papu cannot own all the feathers in the world, can he ?

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Sunday Sauna

Moi ! It's the end of a busy week so a Finncat has to relax in the sauna. Top shelf too - nice and toasty and hot. 

Friday, 31 July 2020

Friday Feathers (almost)

Moi ! Yesterday was wet. I have sisu, and was watching birdies all day. Äiti saw me nearly catch two of them.  As she smiled when I failed, I came in and dragged my damp fur across her face, and refused to look at the camera.  

Just see - the soggy back of disrespect !

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Thursday Pedicure

I like to do my own claw-care and Äiti caught me at it while I thought she was napping in the hammock. Now I know it is summer, but I do indeed have my sweater on - it offers protection from the claws and swipes of the  others so I feel braver. Plus, well, we live in Finland so summers are not tropical.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Tuesday Tutorial

Twelve years ago today, Äiti temporarily abandoned her Brticats and flew to Oulu. A week later, they joined her, and their life here in Finland began. Aila is the last remaining member of the elite Gang of Five. It was a huge adventure but everyone agrees that this early Felexit was of great benefit. 

Now one thing that has not been great is Äiti's knowledge of Finnish. Recently Duolingo finally published their Finnish course, and Äiti has been typing away on it. She -and we- were greatly amused by this appearing.

Why is it funny ? Well, it's not really, but it refers back to one of the first language programmes on Finnish tv, back in 1974. It was called Hello, Hello, Hello and if you dare click, you get to watch it on youtube. It is bizarre and focuses on two British policeman trying to find a cat, and the cat is on the Moon. Only it is up a tree. And really doesn't look like a cat.
 How all the wonderful Finnish people learned such good English is beyond Äiti, especially6 given her own awful progress with Finnish, supported by so many good resources1