Monday, 24 February 2020

Monday Munchkin Munching

I have been perusing the photos which Äiti took on Friday of her visit to see Papu. Several of them showed a very worrying trend. Exhibit 1:
Exhibit 2:
 Exhibit 3:
He thinks tailios are toys!!!!
We trust this is simply a phase he is going through. Seppo and I are very vulnerable in this regard; nekkid tails are most delightful.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Sunday Slapdown

At seven weeks old, the Kissmollin kitlets are busy practising being minicats. 
Papu is being attacked - revenge for his previous attacks on his siblings we guess.
 His ankle is very tasty,
And strong - nice diversion there.
 Uh oh - a stuck out tongue. Papu is readying his claws......

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Saturday Squee

The Kissmollin litter is now nearly seven weeks old.  Äiti was sent to check on them; as I require information on young Papu and his burmese tendencies. Getting them to pose for a group photo proved impossible, but there was lots of playing and cuddling instead.  Jura update - so far he is being his normal self, with the occasional gulping motion which sends Äiti into panic; however signs are good. Paws crossed.
We are able to pass on information via Äiti's socks. They are the perfect medium for communication. She may think they have come straight out of the clean laundry but we have our ways and means!
And this is presented to you for your Saturday jigsaw.
preview110pieceChecking the sock

Jura update - so far he is being his normal self, with the occasional gulping motion which sends Äiti into panic; however signs are good. Paws crossed.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Thankful Friday

We thank you for your good wishes for Jura. He has been eating well and following Äiti around - he is like her shadow at times. Äiti made him very happy by setting up the sofa bad in the front bedroom/storage area - she will be sleeping in there several times a week now. Roosa will not be pleased as she will be alone sometimes, but Äiti wants to share her body heat with the rest of the Felocrats too !

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Troubling Thursday

On Tuesday Jura was not so happy, and having trouble with his throat. Knowing what had happened with Mirksu, Äiti was straight on the phone to ystävämme eläinlääkäri and soon Jura found himself at their new premises.
He was sedated and his throat explored. There is something down there which should not be there - a nasty swelling. At worst it is a tumour, but it could also be some localised infection - which is what we are hoping with all paws crossed. He has been given a cortisol injection and has had a very healthy appetite since he came back, and so far no retching. Here he is being checked by sister Jaava just when he came back home and was still wobbly from the sedation.
We are of course worried about the outcome of this. This is not the same sort of problem that Mirsku had so there seems to be no connection. Jura is only nine years old and is a throat problem like this is rare and just 'unlucky', but of course Äiti is going through all possibilities of causes. There do not seem to be any, except perhaps that we are fed a proprietary brand of wet food as a staple. We'll be getting more homemade stuff, for sure, and avoiding all cheap treats. In the meantime, we just have to wait to see if Jura responds to the treatment and hope that this is really just an infection.