Saturday 23 March 2024

Soulful Saturday

We thank you, Loyal Readers, for your wishes and condolences. We know that grief is shared, and all of you have lost loved kitties in similar ways, and it all feels too much to bear. We kitties perhaps cope better than the humans. Jaava has been very vocal with her displeasure about recent events, and has been making sure Äiti is kept on track with our routines. She is indeed the matriarch of the Felocracy - Jaava that is, not Äiti! She is staff.

I have been pondering the changes in the kingdom. Kalle and I are spending more time out of the bedroom - all fully supervised in case there's a bit of a bitey or so. There are some comfy beddies downstairs, and I appreciate these. Kalle is a bit more shy - he and Otso have perhaps a need to sort out how they will communicate. Whenever the Felcoracy membership changes a little, there are subtle shifts in the dynamic.

Here is the weekend jigsaw - enjoy!



  1. It is hard to get a new pecking order, but it is good that you and Kalle spend time together. I am sure he and Otso will sort things out between them.

  2. Viscount Veikko, we know you will use your advanced diplomatic skills to settle everything down.
    This is a fabulous image of you, and it's terrific artified too.
    Off to puzzle...thanks.

  3. Beautiful art. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  4. So sorry for your loss of that beautiful kitty. We know how it feels and it feels awful.

  5. Come back soon- I miss you all. XO


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