Monday, 2 April 2018

Nevertheless, he persisted

And so the intrepid nekkid got fed up looking through the window, and snuck out.
He paced the perimeter of the Catio deck, passing by Veikko looking on jealously through an utterly filthy window.
He sneaks past Jaava, not wishing to disturb her reverie.
Next Mesi is ignored - Seppo can already feel the sunshine.
And finally the goal - Äiti's lap.  Oh yes, he purrsisted.


  1. You still have lots of snow! How much longer will this winter weather pursist???
    (Mommy tracks the weather where you live for fun. It always makes her feel better about our crazy Oklahoma weather. MOL!)
    Happy sunbathing, sweet furriends! XOXO

  2. Seppo, I'm cold just watching you.

  3. Seppo, how can you be running around naked when there's still snow out?

  4. Whoa, Seppo has huge sisu! Keep moving, little one.

  5. You are very brave, Seppo! I hope you enjoyed the lap and sunshine.

  6. Nothing could distract you of your goal, right ? Purrs

  7. That is dedication to sunlight, Seppo! We laffed about the window. Ours are so covered with noseprints inside and out, we have to stand up to see out...

  8. YOu are right!! He is like Frodo! Adventurous boys!


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