Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sun Salutation Saturday

We welcome the return of bright light and Mesi uses the opportunity of a bright sunpuddle to stretch.
It feels so good....... 
And now she can look glorious in the sunshine.
Now, how long until all the white stuff melts?


  1. Bow down to the sun. We have no snow, but it sure isn't warming up around here either.

  2. Yeah, how long DOES it take for the white stuff to melt in your area? It lingers for a longer time up there!

  3. Hey Mesi--Amarula asks that same question daily! Happy Easter!

  4. We still have a little of the white stuff here, but it's almost gone. We haven't had hardly any sunshine though. :( I love your cute little eyebrows, Mesi.


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