Monday, 30 October 2017

Mesi vs Mancat Monday

Mesi: my floof tailio detects an opportunity for Mischief. 
This kitty cottage has a heat pad in, and is a favourite nekkid resting place. I wonder if Veikko is there. I think I hear gentle sphynxie snores.
 Darn, I should have planned that better; he turned the cottage upside down during his rapid exit. 


  1. Mesi, I'm surprised you didn't do what Binga does - just go inside, no matter who else might already be in there.

  2. Yesh. Mesi you have wonderful play. Veikko, you looks coward, where is your sisu?


  3. How rude to interrupt Veikko's sleep that way, Mesi!

  4. Roll it back over and make use of it for yourself.

  5. There is allus SOME kitty what causes some problems!

  6. we bet the heaty pad is still working, give it a go!


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