Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sunday Supervision

Aila: So where are all the mancats when the work has to be done ? Nowhere. I'm checking the Catio is tidied properly for winter. That  soil needs to go on Poo Corner. That light rope needs uncurling.
The kissanminttu pots are tidied at least, and I trust we will sample the crop later.....
I suppose the arrangement is not too bad. 
 My work is done. Carry on Äiti.
Äiti: the winter prep is done and the sky tunnels have been taken down, and the furniture covered. I also moved the compost heap in the garden - it was just behind Poo Corner in front of the wooden fence in the last photo. This was the main path for rodents so I wonder what the impact will be on Mousewatch over spring. 


  1. I can't believe it's almost winter! It's a good thing Aila made sure everything was prepared.

  2. Good job snoopervising, Aila ! Purrs

  3. Yesh Iiik, Aila my idol, love Aila the most beautifulll cat. And she is also so clever and caring. The Others, be grateful you have Aila. And good job Äiti also.


  4. "Supervisor" cats are my favorite....always there to make sure everything is done properly and all is in order. My snoopervisor's favorite job was watching over meal preparation--never too close, but always with a long paw's reach!

  5. Nothing better than the Whitester Seal of Approval.


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