Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tired out Tuesday

After mousewatch in the snow, what else could a brave Finncat ask for than heaty pads - and a kitty cottage to lie on top of ?  
And no kitties were squished inside - this time!


  1. Mirsku, you do know that you are supposed to be inside the kitty cottage. Maybe it's too warm for you with your fur coat.

  2. Heaty pads - that sounds awesome!

  3. I am not certain Mirsku would *fit* INSIDE the kitty cottage. Ha ha meow!

  4. Mirsku, why do things the normal way...assert your own style of creativity!

  5. Mirsku, you look like the princess and the pea!

  6. OH, ML is Verreh Annoyed at seeing this a week late...Mommy is in Severe Trouble!


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