Sunday, 10 September 2017


Äiti here: September 10th was the day I had decided was Punapippuri's 'birthday'. He was about 5 weeks old when he came to my life, and I counted back and liked the symmetry of the date: 10-09-08 (European system!).  
So today I wanted to post something. I cannot bear the fact we have had wild northern lights hidden behind the clouds over the last few days: I guess I am just not ready to see those tailios dancing yet. But I am feeling very comforted by knowing something that was my wonderful orange Pisspot is now close to my heart - this bead.
Each year I teach my students about ashes becoming diamonds, and how there is nothing that is the essence of a person in a diamond made from their organic material. Okay, this is not a diamond and I would not spend thousands on what I have regarded as a materialistic manipulation of the carbon cycle, but in this beautiful glass bead are indeed some of the cremains of King P. The wonderful woman who made the bead said she would happily incorporate some fur too (the fur all vaporises, but that doesn't matter to me).  And from all the emails I had with the designer and creator of the bead, Gail from Etsy's 'Pain in the Glass' (what a brilliant name!), I know it was made with love and care.

As an unashamed nerd, I do take comfort knowing there are a few of the atoms that were in Punapippuri now permanently around my neck. In addition to the billions he sprayed all over the house........


  1. Such a sweet thought, and beautiful, but had to laugh at your conclusion.

  2. It is purrfect. Exactly the fiery orange of King Pisspot. A treasure!

  3. ...and those atoms still resonate with the energy of Punapippuri. LOVE

  4. What a wonderful and lovely keepsake. The human here keeps locks of Prancer Pie's fur in a glass locket for her neck. Sometimes it's the little things that bring us the most comfort.

  5. How wonderful that you will have King P next to you for always.

  6. SO beautiful and personal! Not only because it does indeed contain Punapippuri's ashes, but also because you're (also) a fysics nerd.

    And oh, we had to laugh about your last sentence! A good reason to never clean or paint the walls again!

  7. Simply beautiful and precious beyond words.

  8. Happy Birthday, Angel Punapippuri! Your momma misses you, but we all know that you haven't left; you've just turned invisible. Hugs and purrs

  9. How wonderful--i didn't even know you could do such a thing! Such a beautiful reminder!

  10. What a beautiful creation and remembrance of Punapippuri. Nice to know that he is with you still. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  11. Happy Birthday to the King! I, Marvelous knows that Queen Penelope will have made sure he has the pawty of all pawtys! My Mommy loves the bead! I am telling her she should get 1 made of Queen Penelope's cemains!
    We send you strength and much love on this most memorable of days!
    All Hail King Punapippuri!

  12. Yesh. Äiti have what she earns - I mean the bead and also those years they live together under northern lights. Now... Where ever she goes, King PPP follows her. So lovely...

    And we the rest, remembering our Great KING, who soo bravely led thru the dark months and snowdrifts to the cold summers with stinky birds... And after all, we really enjoy life in Your Kingdom. Live forever our KING, King first and the only. See YOU on the rainbow bridge and tell greetings to the whole gang over there.

    Lilla-Ebba with Max, Tepsu and servants

  13. That is a nice way to remember King P.


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