Saturday, 16 September 2017

Saturday Sunshine...sometime ago

Moi! Veikko and Seppo here.  We had some sunshine a while ago, and the darn thing has now disappeared behind cloud. It's not really warm - which we know will make some of you envious as The Hots are still around. We wish they were - but our fleeces keep us warm. 
We've had heavy duties keeping Äiti upright and on track. Luckily we could multi-task with a bit of keeping warm in an ever-decreasing sunpuddle.
And yes, we do sit paw on paw very sweetly.


  1. That's so cute, the way you two hold hands (paws). I'll send you some of my heat. ;)

  2. You two are so adorable! I'm glad you're keeping an eye on Äiti - I'm sure you are good nurses.

  3. You boys are so cut...erm, we mean MANCATLY! You hold Äiti down for however long YOU need her.

  4. Those nekkid paws are so...well, pawsome!

    Pee Ess - great to see you all!

  5. That picture makes our human anxious. The sun was shining for an hour today, and she was too lazy to get out. During her first years in Finland, she was always a bit amused by the panic Finns feel when the sun is shining - guess it's time for her to apply for Finnish citizenship, hehe.

  6. Yesh. Nekkid boys work very well. Keep going and Äiti will be on the track soon. I mean, she can keep hard discipline her pupils, running marathons, save every rescue cats... Or at least half of that.

    Have a fine autumn Veikko and Seppo


  7. Those feet could bring s smile to the grumpiest face. Oh yes they could.


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