Thursday, 27 July 2017

Thursday Troughing

We do not consider 'troughing' to be an elegant description, but we're too busy to protest just now.


  1. Us girlcats love the way Mesi is eating over the top of Pekka's head. Girlcats win again!
    ::runs quickly away:

  2. I see Sampo and Aila are given wide berth while the others must pack in a tight cluster at their end. Nicely played, A&S--it's always good to have a roomy spot to enjoy your dinner.

  3. As non-native in English, I had to check and learn the t-word meaning from the dictionary. It could give some interesting search matches... Nice rush hour though.. ;P

  4. Wow! You guys DO remind me of feeding the pigs on the ranch!
    I kind of never thought of Cats that way before....
    Tee! Hee!!
    Love Barb

  5. Ha ha!! Great photo! I bet that feeding did not last long!

  6. OH BAST! That is AMAZING... TBT has to put down a plate of steak juice fer us ta eat that closely and we are only the 3...


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