Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Long Awaited Wednesday*

Jura:  surely there's room for me in that beddie, Ruska?
Oh, I'll leave you alone. 

*long awaited by King Spitty who has been bugging us to post from Ruska.


  1. Wow! Ruska is a house panther, just like Spitty!

  2. I see that Ruska can make his point with few words.

  3. Sure, there might have been room for Jura, but it wouldn't have stopped there. Soon there would be Jaava, and Sampo, and Mesi and then probably the two nekkids. It would NEVER END. Good for being firm, my fellow Panfur.

  4. RUska - you're a tough moggy and you don't get fooled by silly breed cats, do you? Good job! Maybe you could become Mirsku's tutor? He seems to need some help to defend his personal space from both mammals and reptiles.

  5. Now if you could just get rid of that persistant pawtographer... MOL!

  6. Solo napping IS the most restful way...


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