Friday, 28 July 2017

Friday Fracas

We have had some good weather recently, so much time has been spent on the Catio. We're ll getting on quite well with each other too, but Pekka does miss his orange pal with whom he would tussle every night. He is trying many of us out as wrestling partners and Seppo here was victim. Seppo really was not so keen as his stinkeye showed.
 He tried to whack away Pekka with his webby paw.
A foot in face and flash of his furry bits did not deter Pekka.
He was going in for the belly snorgle.
Ah well,  a hug will have to do.
As he backs away Seppo continues to show his appreciation. Or lack of it.


  1. Looks like a bit of an unfair fight to US! But then, we wern't there to judge...

  2. I don't think Seppo wants to be Pekka's wrassling partner. Oh well, onto the next victim!

  3. Maybe Aila would enjoy a good roll in the -- oh, wait. Different kind of rasslin'.

    1. You are dicing with danger here, Spitty.

  4. It looks like Seppo doesn't want to be Pekka's sparing partner for wrestling... Purrs

  5. Yesh, real fight... Love that. Farm cat vs. breed cat... heh, heh. Sooo easy to bet our food money... Come on Pekka and sorry Seppo an the others. Such is life.


  6. I can almoust hear the yell of Seppo in the wrestle.. Naled ones can be quite a divas in the physical actions..!

  7. Poor little Seppo! Hugs and cuddles for you.

  8. that webbed paw had us cringing in fear!


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