Friday 23 February 2024

Saturday Snaps

We are posting by command of a most Loyal Reader, ystävämme eläinlääkäri. It's about time Äiti got off her butt and obeyed us as well! All is well here, with a few frustrations. For instance, Papu is pretty desperate to be outside killing mousies.

He realises that actually looking cute is a good interim activity.


Otso is working out how to wreck Äiti's jigsaw hobby.

And Sampo is owning the peacock feather with his murder mitts. 

And Kalle is enjoying night time snuggles. He is continuing to have eye problems and next week he will have some surgery to correct his eyelids which are rolling under. He will be far more comfortable when this is done - poor lad was probably born with this problem and it is only now that it is diagnosed because it has taken a long time to calm down with ointment since he arrived with us.  So paws crossed for his beady eyes!


  1. Purring for Kalle to come out of the surgery feeling better than ever. Have heard of this condition before, and we know he'll be better once his eyes aren't always irritated.

  2. When I worked for a vet many years ago we did several operations on inverted eye lids. I think it was called entropian but may be wrong. Every one was successful and hopefully Kalle's will be too. Chows were very prone to it.

  3. I will add Kalle to my prayer list. XO

  4. Very cute! My cat Silky likes to "help" with puzzles too!


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