Saturday 9 September 2023

Saturday Suspense

Outside in the Catio, autumn is in the air. And that means flocks of birdies in the garden. Those intelligent enough not to come inside will survive, allowing the best genes to propogate for the next year.
Those who are not so clever will be a tasty snack. Papu is our most active hunter, and despite all the precautions* Äiti thinks she has taken, some birds will still meet their fate between his fangs.
* extra layer of smaller netting; reflective tape; wires on the top beams to prevent perching.......

And here's the jigsaw, showing some of the mighty hunters taking a break. Enjoy.

previewBurmese wheel


  1. If the birds are stupid enough to come in despite the precautions, that is their problem. Happy hunting, boys!

  2. We knew that Papu was going to be trouble from the minute he joined the Felocracy of Finland!
    Love the art, and off to puzzle...thanks.

  3. Nice art. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


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