Friday, 25 August 2023

Saturday Sadness and Thanks

Loyal readers, we thank you for all the messages of support regarding Seppo's passing. We are so darn sad about it all, especially my good self as I spent all my time with him in the Sphynxie Suite upstairs. I miss my buddy.  

As you may know, we nekkids are very susceptible to HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and although scans can be clear, the can be nasties lurking in our genes. Äiti took swabs of our cheek cells to send to a huge research project in the USA. Äiti does not want to know really if I have a mutation that might lead to it, as it is not treatable and illnesses manifest in many ways. Seppo became really fat with fluid, and had notother clear symptoms. Sadly this fluid build up (the dreaded ascites) very rapidly led to his death. He was in very good spirits until the end (Äiti was adamant he would not suffer), and his sweet nature still shone through. So did his appetite - he was pigging out on 5 pouches a day. 

He was also very snuggly, and we spent a lot of time together. 

Apologies for the poor lighting and dirty blankies - we sphynxies do like to spread our oils around!
This is one of Äiti's favourite pictures from last week.
Seppo was getting a few white hairs on his forehead - a fine mark of the wiosdom of age. However, 10 years is really not enough of an age for his life - we of course wanted many more healthy times with him. But, we are all grateful for the time we had.

Now Äiti is trying to get me to spend more time with the other Felocrats which will be fine by me provided they keep their teeth in their own mouths and claws sheathed!  And of course I get Äiti to myself over night - so I get lots of playtime and cuddles there. She is also thinking of buying me some fishies to watch - how does that sound ?

And here is a jigsaw for your weekend pleasure. Thank you all again for your support.


  1. Angel Seppo will be missed.
    Hugs and purrs.

  2. Seppo looks so peaceful in the photo from last week. He will be missed by all his friends.

  3. I am sorry you lost your best friend. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


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