Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Unimpressed Wednesday

Yes, it is summetitme. Yes, the hammock is comfy. But we are not happy. None of us. There are no photos, just a story. Pffft.
Teachers get presents at the end of term, from their students. Well, we decided we would give her a present for when she got back from her last morning's work at school. Was she grateful ? Nope. We worked so darn hard to get it too. And we tried to wrap it up. It was great team work, and none of us is pointing the paw of blame at anycat - we are in this together.
We honestly cannot understand why Äiti would not like to find a squirrel on the kitchen floor. Okay, the head was somewhat chewed (the brains are so tasty, somekitty could not resist), and the bag that covered it didn't have a pretty bow on it, but she was Most Unhappy.  We've been chasing those darn squirrels which moct us relentlessly, and finally we wanted Äiti to share our joy.
Ungrateful humans.


  1. Mighty hunters of the felocracy: enjoy the hunt, but no more squirrelies, please! Still it is the thought that counts, yes?

  2. Sorry she didn't appreciate all your efforts. XO

  3. Mark's Mews: We bring mousies ta TBT all the time and he sure seems ta appreciate it. So we don't know why a teacher wouldn't appreciate a whole squirrel! TBT would be thrilled if we caught one.

    Some Beins just just don't appreciate gifts properly!


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