Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Wednesday Weariness

It is my turn to experience the joys of the new beddy. This is very calm and peaceful, which is excellent as at night things are a little lively for now: Seppo is intent on keeping Äiti awake and getting extra foods for us. She is not happy with this, as she has to be awake in the daytime. Shame, eh? 



  1. Snooze on sweet prince, without a care for Aiti’s timetable. MOL
    (Tonya Woodruff)

  2. Viscount Veikko, Seppo must have told this plan of keeping the humans up all night to Sweetie, 'cause she's been yowling over and over at night...what is that all about? Sweetie does NOT get any food at night, so it's a mystery.

  3. TBT has a rule here. We get fed many times during the day. And we eat before he does. He approves of stuffed happy cats. But when he is asleep we are "not to demand more meals".

    That offers some various options though. If we walk all over him after sunrise, he "may" get up. Or not. But he might, so we do.

    We can usually guess which. If he stands up, we are going to get Earliest Breakfast. If he pulls the covers over hisself, we dont.

    Its a balancing act. If we get him up too early, he is grumpy all day. If we get him up too late, we are hungry. We have to time it "just right" for the special Earliest Breakfast!

    ~ Mark's Mews

  4. Glad you got a turn on the cool new bed. XO


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