Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Wednesday Snuggles

Now that Äiti is off work for the long summer holidays (hurrah!), I get to spend more time in the rest of the Castle, as the others are somewhat better behaved towards me when she is close by. I have a sweater on for protection (yes, I know it should be kevlar, but that is not to my taste).   Äiti is pleased that I do not stick to her rigidly, but sneak off to snooze elsewhere. I love sleeping on top of a very snuggly pink beddy. However, I woke up to find that someone had been inside the same beddy, and she had just woken up. Ooopsie.
Well, Jaava moved out and Seppo moved in - mutual sharing of heat was most welcome - even if it is summer.


  1. Jaava isn't one of your antagonists, is she, Viscount Veikko?

  2. When Aiti is home, even your orneriest mates know which side their bread is buttered on !

  3. Good napping spots tend to get shared. Or fought over.

  4. That was from Mark's Mews. We don't know why we show up "anonymous" sometimes.

  5. It is nice that you are able to snuggle without being attacked.


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