Saturday, 18 June 2022

Snuggling again on Saturday

Our fine Finnish summer is proving to be cool and windy, so a lot of time has been spent snuggling. Well, we are expert at it. Jaava is happy to snuggle with any kitty. Well, we have not seen her with Otso but that is down to him being an independent sort. 
On Wednesday we posted the picture that is artified here. No, Jaava is not an antagonist to me - in fact she is a great matriarch and level headed leader - kind of like a President for us (we mean in the Finnish tradition, not perhaps something on the other side of the Atlantic).  No, the worry and flattened ears for me were simply that I had sat on this nice comfy beddy, not realising Jaava was inside it. And then she emerged. But after a snarky meow and a bit of stinkeye, she left me in peace. Mea culpa!
Happy jigsawing.


  1. No snuggling here. We are spread out tarting and cooling our bits! MOL! - The Angel Prancer Pie horde

  2. Sitting on top of someone is bound to make them a bit huffy, Viscount Veikko!
    You look fabulous in your sweater, and even better when artified!

  3. It was probably a bit of a shock to Jaava to suddenly get sat on!

  4. You are such cuties. Thank you for the beautiful puzzle. XO

  5. We love snuggling here. Laz and I (Lori) do it daily and nightly.

  6. Mark's Mews above...

  7. We are glad that Jaava is so level-headed. Wish we had more of that over on this side of the pond.

    Laura and angels: Taffeta Rose, Jet Dragon, Venus Purrl


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