Saturday, 11 May 2019

Saturday Sunpuddle

Pekka simplymelted into the sunshine.   And, Loyal Readers, we are pleased to announce all the snow has melted too!
Here's an artified version of the photo (Lunapic, Illusion)
And your jigsaw:

preview112 piecePekka melts


  1. Hooray for no more snow! I hope you get lots of sunpuddles.

  2. I'm so glad your snow is finally history for the season!

  3. I am glad your snow has at last gone and hope the sun stays.
    Pekka is certainly enjoying the lovely weather. I like the art too.
    Thanks for the puzzle which I will do tonight.

  4. What a beautiful puddy tat Pekka is! That sun brings out her colors nicely.

  5. Pekka enjoy that wonderful sun puddle. Goodness you have nice outside digs! We tried last weeks puzzle but Dad needed to get back to housework so we could not finish it. Maybe we can do this weeks when he is finished cleaning

  6. I did the puzzle, but wasn't signed in so it didn't save my time. It took me 21 min 23 sec.

  7. This puzzle was a lot harder than it looked! I enjoyed it, and it's great that the snow melted, and that Pekka didn't really melt.


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