Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sunday Slurp

The first weekend of every month is usually bath time for us nekkids - as in a dunking in the tub by Äiti. Mirsku decided to give me a good wash down afterwards. I thought it wisest not to decline.
And in response to yesterday's post: yes, Seppo is a squealing diva. Äiti will try to get evidence for this on camera but of course he will not perform on demand.


  1. Wise Veikko! It’s best to have Mirsku’s tongue, and not claws or jaws!

  2. Maybe Äiti used a flavored shampoo on you. Mmmm, a strawberry flavored viscount. Haha, just kidding. ;)

  3. Mirsku obviously thinks he does a better job of giving a bath than Äiti does.

  4. Once a month baths? Lucky kitties - I usually get two baths a month!


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