Saturday, 1 December 2018


Seppo is very different from me. 
He is smaller, more furry and he squeals. If anykitty comes close he will yell -except when he wants to play and in this case he only yells when the advantage turns against him. Apparently some of us sphynxies are known for our histrionics - Äiti is very fond of The Shennanigans of Dexter the Naughty Sphynx on facebook from whom we could all learn a great deal......

And here is a jigsaw of this pitcure.

preview100 pieceSeppo


  1. Really Seppo, squeals and histrionics?
    I will be back for the puzzle later.

  2. Does he sing Bohemian Rhapsody, like Freddy?

  3. Seppo sure is one dark, mysterious load of handsomeness!

  4. Viscount Veikko, you act so much more civilized than that, we’re sure...

  5. We're discovering the hidden face of Seppo ! Purrs


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