Sunday, 7 October 2018

Sunday Snacking

Roosa is enjoying having company most nights as Äiti has changed things so she sleeps in 'the Stumpy Suite' (Roosa is a manxie).  She does not tolerate other kitties in with her, although her long time pal Ruska used to be allowed in. She is very sociable with Äiti and is amply rewarded with treats.
We like the tin - Kiss-kiss is a make of sweet here and is Finnish for puss-puss. However I can confirm that Roosa is not very sweet to us. Do yousee that Claw of Doom on her front paw ? Itnever retracts....


  1. I'm glad Roosa is getting attention from Äiti - some cats are people cats and not cat-cats.

  2. It is nice for Roosa that she has Äiti for company through the night.

  3. She’s a lovely cat. It’s really wonderful she gets her special time with Aiti.

  4. Such a pretty kitty. Sorry she doesn't like the other cats.

  5. Did Roosa have some sort of injury to her front paw, or does the comment 'never retracts' mean she's always on guard?


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