Monday, 8 October 2018

Monday Meanness

Generally the Felocracy is peaceful but I am getting a little bit fed up with random attacks on my nekkidness. Observe my nosicle.......... And Äiti pulled a claw sheath out of my head too.  
 Äiti has seen Mesi leap on me and for no reason except mischief, but I am honour bound to say nothing about who does these things but she knows Mesi, Sampo and Pekka are prime suspects as they believe everything that tortie terrorist says.


  1. Well, that's no good that you're being picked on, Veikko!

  2. Veikko,you need a bodyguard. :(

  3. Veikko--Amarula says she will be your personal bodyguard!

  4. Viscount Veikko, have Karin crochet a suit of armor for you!

  5. That is not fair that they attack you. I think they must be jealous of your position as Viscount of the Felocracy.


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