Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sunday Snipping

Our guest is a cat whisperer and she worked her magic on Ruska. In the summer heat, his fur has been uncomfortable and become badly matted. Together with Äiti, these bits were trimmed. Ruska allowed himself to be held and have his tangled furs trimmed. 
It didn't look good, but he felt much happier.
They were also able to do the same with Lewis
Sorry about the poor photo, but you can see what magic Carolyn works.


  1. Happy kitties is worth the work!

  2. That was an awesome job and will help the two of them be much cooler.

  3. One pleased Lewis under the magic fingers! ♥

  4. Oh dear, it's a good thing my fur's short as I do not think I'd fare well with a trimming. I'd have mom and dad skin under my claws for sure!

  5. Well done ! We bet they feel better and cooler. Purrs

  6. I am sure they both feel much better.
    We will be in Helsinki for the day again soon. Unfortunately it is on the same day that Trump and Putin decided to hold a summit there! We are undecided yet whether we will get off or not. The Captain of the ship is from a coastal town near Helsinki, and I am sure he will give good advice.

  7. We have never had our furs trimmed, but it might be nice. It is HOT outside here!

  8. I am sure that your kitty feels a lot cooler now, I don't think I have ever trimmed my cats fur but I am sure that it feels nice for them considering this heat! Hope you are all staying cool, thanks for the share!
    World of Animals

  9. Meilläkin olis leikkaamista


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