Monday, 2 July 2018

Man Frog Monday

We knew it would not be long before Franki got a pal - we introduce Freddi. He's the brown spotty lump under her. He's shy - understandably.
We know Äiti wanted to get Franki company but we are a little bit worried about Freddi; this is how a WTF* eats.......
We really hope Freddi is ready for this sort of behaviour from his tank-mate.

*White's tree frog.


  1. Aggressive eating behavior! MOL
    The humans here and us kittehz love to watch the toads and frogs.
    Happy Monday, furriends! XOXO

  2. Okay, check your spam folder, I think I am winding up there.

    1. Sadly not - unless you have commented about various medications various male humans might need. And we know that is not your style, Miss Summer.

  3. Are the kitties enjoying their new frog friends?

  4. Very cool looking frog, amazing that you were able to get that video footage. We found it really cool to check out. hope that Freddi is adapting to the kitties okay.
    World of Animals


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