Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunday Snark

For some strange reason, Äiti likes defying the law of entropy and assembling these silly little bits of card into pictures. We, of course, have alternative plans and wish to create as much disorder as possible. Aila is planning her strategy.
Online jigsaws are never as much fun for us!  But, we are stealing an idea from Remembering Eric and Flynn's blog..... 

Aila and jigsaw


  1. That was fun! More, more, more jigsaws, please :)

  2. My human ONLY does online jigsaw puzzles. I can't imagine why.

  3. All right Viscount Veikko: We have read all your blog entries and we has the impressed. You are doing well. However, I must put in a word for Sampo. HE was the Pikku Prinssi, you know. Hmmmmmm. I hope he is not bubbling with fury over this usurpation.

  4. I can see you are itching to get your paw in amongst those little pieces of card, Aila. I will be doing your jigsaw later, but it won't be as much fun for you as you can't get your paws in amongst the pieces.

  5. Wow, Äiti is very brave doing a jigsaw puzzle with 12 cats in the house. I like doing the online puzzles, no missing pieces. ;)


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