Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday Musings

I think it is important to appreciate my readership, so I give you my version of the 'royal wave' here. 
No, I am not royalty - and King Spitty of the Western Realms was correct in pointing out that Sampo had the designation of 'pikku prinssi' back in the days of our monarchy. As a historical title, that stays as part of our Felocratic Constitution (as yet to be committed to print and fully confirmed) but I am currently voted in as spokes-felocrat for the blog and take these duties seriously. And Sampo is too much of laid back sort to be bothered about wanting that role. Provided we have enough red pipeys and salmon, he's happy.

And I am glad you liked the jigsaw yesterday - I can certainly instruct Äiti to do more.


  1. I don't have a title, but I have been practicing my royal wave too!

  2. Oh you'd like to THINK he's too laid back to assert his role. But you might be just a wee bit over-confident, Skin-boy.

  3. Aren’t all us kits royalty? If not, some tuxedo lady cats here didn’t get the memo...mol!

  4. I think it's so nice when the royals acknowledge the commoners. ;)

  5. You have mastered the royal wave very quickly. I enjoyed yesterday's puzzle.

  6. As much as we love Seppo we think you are much more majestic--especially Amarula!!! She swooned when she thought you were waving right at her!


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