Saturday, 10 March 2018

Saturday Mousewatch

Yes indeed, who needs diets ? We need our foods to protect us from the cold temperatures of course. Ruska has his long furs which serve him well on mousewatch - but the shorter furred amongst us need our calories! 
Update on Pekka's bloodwork - all was fine and he is a fit and healthy mancat.


  1. I'm glad to hear the good report on Pekka's bloodwork!

  2. The Mighty Hunter braving the cold and snow to hunt! What a photo!
    Tell us, did Aiti have to get down in the snow to capture this pic??

    1. We would have liked it if she was on her belly in the snow - but she merely bent down with the camera. Lazy woman.

  3. 100 calories per Mousie, boys!

  4. I am glad that Pekka's blood work came back with good results. Ruska is a hardy hunter.

  5. Glad Pekka is healthy. Good luck mousie hunting.

  6. Am very glad thst I am not a rodent or bird near Ruska! Yay, Pekka!


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