Friday, 9 March 2018

FatBoy Friday

Here we have two very handsome mancats who consider their rightful place to be on Äiti's lap - both at the same time. Apparently we are 'quite massive', especially Pekka.
Last week Pekka had a couple of days of not eating, and being a bit uncomfortable so Äiti was on high alert. He recovered quickly and his appetite has been ravenous - more greedy than usual. SInce Äiti has been - somewhat unkindly - been calling him 'Pekka Porker' she decided it was time to visit ystävämme eläinlääkäri for a health check. Yesterday he loudly chorused his way along the car journey to town and bravely allowed undignified investigations. He tipped the scales at just 100g more than 5 years ago - although much of that mass is fat not muscle, apparently. His blood was thick and dark, and with excellent sugar levels. We get more results later.
However, whatever those results say, apparently we're going on diets. Help!   


  1. Easy, boys! Diets come in yummy flavors . . .

  2. You need that extra "insulation" for those cold Finnish winters! MOL!

  3. Oh, no! D.I.E.T. It's the dreaded word to every human and pet!

  4. Ha, if you are going to allow any changes to your meal patterns! Just lay on your mum, until she cried 'Uncle!'


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