Saturday, 27 January 2018

Stitched up Saturday

Äiti is pretty appalling at doing stuff neatly and tidily. She uses us as an excuse for not having nice things, but we know full well she is a hopeless case. However, what she makes is comfy. Mirsku and Sampo felt the blankie she's attempting to finish needed testing out before it was ready*.
*It's still not finished.


  1. Looks finished to us if it holds cats!
    Our human loves it because it’s colorful.
    Have a happy Caturday, sweet furriends.

  2. Oh, this project looks great! The kitties are testing the unfinished results, hoping to spur tou to completion.

  3. I get the feeling that Mirsku and Sampo think it is finished enough for them.

  4. It is lucky Äiti has you both to test the blankie for her. That way, if she has made a mistake, you can tell her before she makes more.

  5. That blanket looks ready for cats ! Purrs

  6. It may not be finished but it sure looks nice and cozy and colorful, too! Happy weekend to you.


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