Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sleep no more Sunday

Wake up and stretch!   
Got to get ready to push Äiti out of the house to do her duty as a Finnish citizen; we have a presidential election today. 
Vote sensibly now! 


  1. You have our vote, Veikko!

  2. Yesh. Vote for Lewis andtwo for Aila. The human canditates are not clever enough at all... none of them have not spoke anything about cats rights. So...


  3. I hope more Fins vote in your elections than U.S. citizens do in theirs! It's scandalous how few people here vote, and it's why we get some of the really awful people in office that we have.

  4. I am hovering between Iines and Aku Ankka... decisions decisions ;)

  5. Will you be our president Veikko? You have my vote.

  6. I hope the best person for the job gets in.

  7. Veikko obviously isn't impressed with the candidates! (I think Veikko would make a formidable judge...can you imagine looking at that face during your trial?)

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