Sunday, 10 December 2017


Our new scratcher continues to provide entertainment and turns have been taken on top of it.
Veikko looked very much in control.
Until Jaava deposed him. Pekka tried to kick her off but Mesi and Mirsku were on hand to defend her. 
Äiti is continuing to do this abominable podcast thing: Episode 4 - Under the Paw is up. Even though it is meant to be about how we are served by our staff, well, she still gives it far too human a slant.  Don't allow your humans to listen.


  1. oooooooh! maybe it seats FOUR cats???

  2. That new scratcher really is popular!

  3. My cat would love that scratcher. Cat pile on the scratcher. Sharing is fun. 😄

  4. They really are enjoying their new scratcher.

  5. There's a whole 'King Of The Castle' vibe going on there!


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