Monday, 11 December 2017

Mighty Mancat Monday

Mirsku is just chilling on the sofa, following the pink mousies flying around after his snorting of valerian.
Ruska appears, to be friendly and Mirsku obliges with a wash.
 However Ruska has an ulterior motive: he wants the valerian source for himself.
Mirsku protests.
And Ruska molests. Uncharateristically,  Mirsku runs.
And Ruska is very happy.


  1. Whoa! Mirsku ran when there was a valerian toy at stake? Ruska must have really been, um, persuasive!

  2. Mirsku must have thought that Ruska was a giant pink mousie attacking. When he sobers up a little, he'll be back for his valerian.

  3. NOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Mirsku, I will be **right there** to defend you honoUr.

    and maybe snort some valerian...

    XX May Ling

  4. Ruska! How dare you! Amarula is ready to challenge you for that pink mousie!

  5. Hmm, Mirsku...that pink 'mousie' looks a bit suspicious!

  6. That umm kicker appears to be very popular.
    A package for the Felocracy left England's shores on Friday. I requested it went by air and not rowing boat, so hopefully will arrive before Christmas.


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