Saturday, 19 August 2017

Stylish Saturday

It's been a long week; the Felocracy has had to occupy itself as Äiti went back to work and she's now pretty darn tired and dizzy thanks to her faulty ear. We are going to be on extensive duties making sure that everything gets done properly here in the Castle, and also that she rests up sufficiently to continue to serve our needs. And maybe keep going to work!
Mirsku is pondering this burden and looking extremely handsome in the process.


  1. Alert! Alert!
    Meezer in the ice box!

  2. We just wanted to write sth like "Poor Äiti" when we saw your sidebar - "Want a virtual peemail when we post?" - hahaha!

  3. You kitties have a lot of work ahead of you!

  4. Yeah. Now whole gang, give much love to Äiti. So, mr. Menier cannot get extract from her. That is best all of You. I know you can handle it. Have a good weekend on catio.


  5. So nice of all the kitties to want to help out Aiti! And a special note from Amarula: I am very happy to know that I am Mesi's idol! Tell her not to worry--despite your pleas I plan to keep telling it like it is -- we torties gotta stick together! (Though frankly I do find Veikko quite fetching and hope my advice is not causing him too much trouble!)

  6. You all had better make sure Äiti is doing okay...she's earning the cash to keep you all in yummies!


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