Friday, 18 August 2017

Freshening Up Friday

Veikko here. Just because I have no fur, does not mean I do not spend time bathing and grooming.
I wash very carefully behind my ears.
And stretch and twist to get to more difficult bits.
I guess I did forget to do my paws.

Äiti is saying she will clean me and Seppo this weekend. I don't like the baths she gives me so much, but I don't squeal loudly like he does.  Such a diva!


  1. People are always surprised that you nakeds have to be bathed regularly... and to that I say, look at humans! They're furless too (or almost nearly so), and most of them bathe daily!

  2. Tessa here: does Äiti also need a shower after bathing you too? My human had do shower a cat (me) for the first time the other day. I had really bad ripuli and there was no way she could free my fur from diarrhea...

    Let's put it that way: we both hope it's a looooong time, if ever, until she has to shower a cat again.

  3. Yesh. Bathing time, can you nekkid boys swim? How about sauna, do you take hard löyly at same time? I love hot löyly, so my servant heat up sauna only for me.

    Have a nice bathing time.


  4. You are so delightful, Veikko! So adorable. You must be heaven to cuddle.

  5. Veikko, that last photo shows your pretty eyes!

  6. Baths! Us cats has BATHS!
    I hope my new Mommy does not give me one!
    روز خوبی داشته باشید

  7. Be VERY HAPPY the our Mommy isn't there to help! Ask Seppo...he'll give you the gory details.


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