Thursday 14 December 2023

Wednesday Fail

This is a total fail on Äiti's end of term report card - she failed to produce our blog yesterday. We apologise to Loyal Readers and reassure them there will be bloods - I do a particularly good job when I run across her face each morning.

All is good with us - the priority. With Äiti - well it's the end of a school year, she is tired and old and lazy and just plain human. So we have paws crossed that the jolly Crimbo break comes soon. In the meantime, Kalle is continuing to eat, play and rest and generally be a wonderful boy. We are even chasing a little around our quarters - he's becoming a bit of a pal.   


  1. I am glad you have someone to have fun with, Veikko.

  2. The injustices we kits put up with just because the humans have the thumbs!

  3. Viscount Veikko, we hope you and Kalle are creating a good working duo, so you have a henchman against those other ruffians.

  4. I had to google what the sod is crimbo....

  5. It warms my heart to hear that Kalle continues to feel more and more comfortable in the felocracy. Merry Christmas to all! Mary Ann H-T (Waukesha, WI USA)


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