Saturday, 1 April 2023

Sampo's Saturday

 Sampo is all wide-eyed and wide-awake. He can see birdies outside on the Catio......

And here he is artified and puzzled up for you. Enjoy.


  1. Yay!! Love the birdies of Spring.

  2. Sampo, were you 'ekekekekekekeking' too?
    Thanks for the art and!

  3. Those birdies had better keep out of your way!

  4. Nice eyes Sampo. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  5. Mark's Mews: TBT made sure to put the 3 birdfeeders where they are close enough to the window and the deck for good viewing, but not so close as to bother the birdies. We get to study them well.


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