Saturday, 11 March 2023

Saturday Sharing

Jaava is a great Girlcat. She is the Boss, in a very unassuming way. She befirends all Felocrats, and a swift look from her tells us if we have placed a paw out of line. However she is not aggressive and does not fight  - so Otso does indeed chase her around a bit (he is at least twice her size!). But Jaava is the only kitty with whom Otso will sit close by, and rub heads. And on a very rare occasion they share a lap like is shown here. Otso has come a very long way from the nervous loner he was when he joined us.

This picture has been artified and jigsawed for you - click here and have a good weekend.


  1. Girl cats always seem to be the boss. Before the boys we had three very boisterous black brothers who often teased the older cats. One look from Mother Puss and peace was restored.

    1. I forgot to say, Mother Puss was a tortie (nuff said!) and weighed only 2kg, the brothers were about 6kg each. She was the mother of Kitty YumBum who also was only just over 2kg.

    2. Mark's Mews: Some cats fuss, some ignore others, some form deep friendships. Meows to deeo relationships...

  2. They are both cuties. Thanks for the puzzle. XO

  3. Jaava is the oil on troubled waters, and Otso should have more respect for her, no?


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