Wednesday 4 January 2023

Wednesday Thanks!

Loyal Readers - you are the best!  Äiti has been suitably humbled by your responses in the comments. Especially from our Finnish fan club - tuhannet kiitokset!    So even though she is a miserable scrbie for us, and does not comment on other blogs, you Loyal Readers can forgive her for that and enjoy our activities and pictures. For that we are very, very grateful.

Otso was so happy that he actually rolled in the snow - but where was the camera then ? Nope, nowhere to be seen. Instead Äiti managed to catch him coming inside from Mouse Patrol.

Now Seppo raised his paw in a bit of a protest for our New Year post - he was not happy that his image was only of his fuzzy thigh. So, Äiti grabbed the camera and took advantage of the fact she had just cleaned his ears. What a handsome nekkid.....

... who clearly never got the memo about keeping his eyes open.


  1. That is a handsome photo of Otso but slightly puzzling. I assume he was coming at an angle, or does he really have three legs on his left side!!

  2. If I were a mouse or a bird, this determined look from Otso would make me run for the hills!
    Seppo...well, dude...a cat has to do what a cat wants to do.


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