Saturday, 21 January 2023

Snowy Saturday

The weather has been unseasinably warm - no chances of a golden glacier at the moment. And we have been wary of going outside as wet stuff has been falling from the sky. Otso and Papu are out daily, but not for long.
Jaava joined them - to taste the white stuff.
 Afterwards, Papu and Jaava compared notes in a very cozy snuggle.

 Click here for the jigsaw..... Sampo all artified!


  1. Do not taste the yellow snow!

  2. I wish it was unseasonably warm here! I am fed up with trying not to land on my backside every day!

  3. mousies or squirrelios for young Papu and handsome Otso! We are having much warmer than normal temperatures here in Wisconsin (USA), too. More rain than snow (also not normal).


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