Saturday, 12 November 2022

Saturday Sphynxies

We nekkids are vigilant and active - at night. This is not really what Äiti wants, so she tries to exhaust us with games.
Of course we join in - it's fun.
But we also have plans. Important plans.
For instance ripping open all the kissanminttu toys so that we see loads of pink flying mousies. And have the munchies all night. 
And of course to make loads of mischief.

Here's the jigsaw for the weekend - myself all artified. Enjoy.


  1. Pink mousies indeed! MOL!
    Hope you kits and Aiti have a tremendously lazy weekend with lots of mischief sprinkled in.
    (Tonya Woodruff)

  2. I am sure you're too cute to make mischief. Thanks for the puzzle. XO

  3. Doing what humans want is NOT approved in the Cat Contract, Viscount and Seppo are doing a fine job!

  4. You are the greatest nekkids we have seen in a decade! Mark's Mews


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