Saturday, 3 September 2022

Saturday Snark

Over the last few days, we have been locked out of full house access. This is due to some serious digging work and pipe replacement - necessary as we won't have any heating otherwise. But it has been a tad chilly, and despite being on patrol all week, this little beast has eluded our claws. And he has been mocking us, chattering away and waving that fluffy rat tail.

Otso, Papu, Jaava and Jura have been outside. Sampo and Mesi have been lucky, and have stayed in the sauna. Veikko and Sampo are in Äiti's bedroom - Seppo is recovering from his bitey.

We all decided that the best revenge on Äiti is for Otso to give her his great big huggy bitey - on her tenderest feet. 

If that doesn't work, Seppo will sit on her pillow all night and produce some of his noxious gases.

Otso's bitey pic is artified and jiggled up here. Enjoy.


  1. That wee beast has a lot of nerve teasing you kits relentlessly. That fluffy rat tail would make a most excellent trophy.
    Tonya Woodruff

  2. I cannot believe you are letting that tree rat get away with teasing you. Surely one of you can sort him out!

  3. Man oh man, you kitties really give it to your humom when you can!
    Silly kitties.
    Off to know I love them.


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