Friday, 9 September 2022

A British Reflection

An era has ended with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, and I find myself surprisingly affected by it. I'm not a monarchist, and certainly not a proud Brit as my politics is not suited to Brexit, nor what I still regard as conservative imperialism. However, a promise made by a young woman in 1947 and kept until her death, yesterday, just makes me very proud to have been an Elizabethan. Despite all the crazy and tragic developments in the world, she was indeed steadfast and strong, and still very, very human. 

Much will be written, and memes will be made - and I include one with Paddington which is so touching. 

If you have not seen the video of Paddington taking tea with the Queen, just click here - it is priceless.

My own thoughts have gone back to Britain too. I have not, in 14 years, felt homesick but perhaps I am now somewhat nostalgic. Last year I lost my own British queen, Aila. Thet hit hard. The Britcats are no more, but always remembered. 
These photos were taken while I was packing the house to move here. 
Stran, and Aila.
Harris, most gentle of cats.
Lewis, shy and so sweet.
Monty, the grumpy old mancat who gave me all his love.



  1. Yes, the end of an era. We loved the Paddington video and watched it again.

  2. Elizabeth has been the only English monarch known by most of the world; she will be a difficult act to follow.

  3. Yes, Aila was the queen. I miss her. She was a character!

  4. Queen Eliizabeth II lived an amazing life, and it's a part of history that is gone with her. Purrs

  5. You know, the meme kind of implicates that the Grim Reaper for brits is Paddington and I love it :'D


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