Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Wistful Wednesday

 We are delighted to report that there have been no further overnight abandonments. However Äiti's fascination with stinky birds - and merely watching them - continues.  She says it calms her. Well, here I am in the hammock, waiting for her to join me.

But now summer is getting cooler and she is getting a bit angsty as Work will soon resume. This is not a welcome event but luckily is not for another week or so. 


  1. She should join you and relax while she still can.

  2. Summer is still hot as sin here, Papu, but let's face it, it's almost August, so some changes are coming.
    I've had to abandon The Eastside Cats to work at the office for a few days; I miss them more than they miss me.

    1. Don't you believe it - they will miss the excellent staff and service!

  3. Mark's Mews - You deserve more attention, but we unnerstand that things are oddly hot your place. We are happy with some hot, but Beins arent.


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