Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Wilting Wednesday

We have the heats here. Now, we know compraed to many Loyal Readers, the heats of Finland (N) are nothing big, but for us, they are something unusual, and a little bit exhausting. We have been melting. Äiti has been lazing in the hammock, and when it has not been too hot in the sun, so have we. Seppo did a good job of showing her his best side !

That little lump in Seppo's paw pit is a leftover from his surgery - it is just a scar which is healing up now nicely.


  1. No big heat here, max of 16! Thankfully we don't get the temperatures felt in London and the East.
    I hope Seppo doesn't fart!

    1. Pleased to say that, for once, he held back on his Noxious Gases.

  2. Hope there is some coolness on the horizon for y'all.
    Seppo, why not put your face in your mom's neck?

  3. We sympathize - it has been in the 90s here in Ohio which is unusual for this early in the summer, so we can imagine how uncomfortable it can be when it is completelly out of your experience. Purrs to all of you !


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