Saturday, 30 April 2022

Saturday Springwatch

We still have snow outside, but have plenty of sunshine. Now usually some kitty is outside on patrol, but somehow this sneaky squirrel snuck into the Catio. And it survived the experience.
Some felocrats clearly seem to value their sunbathing more than the hunting.
Äiti has been out spotting stinky birds, and also saw this pair of deer - one of which was clearly showing the white bum of disreepct (deer-respect?).
Even though Jaava failed miserably at squirrel-catching, she has been artified.

 Here's the jigsaw for your sprint time amusement.


  1. A skwerl on the catio????
    You kits have all the luck.

  2. What a let down! A squirrel in the catio and it was able to leave again! Lovely art effect.

  3. Jaava is just very picky when it comes to which squirrel she wants, that's all.
    Lovely art, and fun puzzle...thanks.

  4. Mark's Mews here. We think relaxing is sometimes better than hunting but only sometimes.

  5. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


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