Saturday, 23 April 2022

Saturday Springtime

At last, we have many sunpuddles. They are luxurious. The best place to sleep. Papu makes sure he gets whichever spot he wants.
Papu will also demand scritches while snoozing. What he wants, he gets.
Seppo and Jaava are peacefully sharing an old hammock. Jaava is wise - she knows how to get on with everyone - which is just as well, since Seppo's diva-shrieks can break ear drums.
Jura makes is the one who is spending the most time on the Catio in the sunshine. We still have loads of snow in the garden, but at this rate it will be gone in a week - we hope.
So Äiti decided to artify Jura's sprawling shot.


  1. Yay for springtime!
    Maybe the mousies will come out to “play”.
    ::gives evil laugh and scampers away::

  2. Ahh, sunpuddles!
    Looking good, kitties, and lovely art and puzzle...thank you.

  3. They are all such cuties. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  4. Everyone is enjoying the sun. Lovely art, and thanks for the puzzle.


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