Thursday, 25 November 2021

Thursday snuggle

Here is my other new beddy - vey comfy and warm, especially as we have more snow outside.
I wish to take a moment to pay tribute to a Loyal Reader who has left this earthly realm to be with his kitties who have gone before. Thank you so much for everything you did, making the world a better place especially with extensive work for rescue cats, Pete Cusack of Timmy Tomcat Blog. There is a candle here for on the Catio for you.


  1. Our heads are bowed in honor of a great human. You will probably see his light in the skies one day.
    Your new beddy is very luxurious. Stay warm, dear furriends.

  2. I exchanged regular emails with Pete and was becoming increasingly worried. He was a very compassionate man who will be greatly missed.
    Your bed loos very soft and snuggly.

    1. No, your bed is not a loo, but it looks soft and snuggly!

    2. Well, most of our beds do sadly end up that way !

  3. We are sad about Angel Pete too.
    Viscount Veikko, you look very comfy.


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